About cabbage, challenges and rum-cookies…my EVS-experience.

The first thing I ate after arriving in Romania was a cookie with rum-flavored cacao cream. Little did I know back then that this first taste of Romania significantly influenced my diet of the future months. I love to eat and explore the range of rum-chocolate bars and rum-cookies in the shelfes of supermarkets.
The third thing that conquered my heart in Romania, after the rum-cookie and my romanian co-worker Ovidio, who gave me this rum-cookie and carried my overweighed suitcase into the fifth floor, was our apartment. In nearly each room, including our small pantry, a colourful carpet was covering the floor. Over the whole apartment an army of small stools (chairs without backrest) was spread of different shapes and colours. The bathroom is light blue and I spend about twenty minutes in a store on deciding which colour my towel should have to make the experience of colours in our bathroom even more intense.
After exploring the apartment I met my fellow human cohabitants three other volunteers. It is an on-going pleassure and inspiration to gradually understand what they see in the world and how they decide to live themselves in this world. Their different approaches to life help me to find out how I want to live my life.
Some more words about living in Romania… I started to cook. In Romania I discovered the huge variety of vegetables. I have to confess, that my Romanian vocabulary for vegetables, spices and herbs is actually more elaborated than my German one. One vegetable among many others should get mentioned here: Cabbage. Cabbage is amazing.
Now… about my work… During the first month I had several trainings that tried to prepare me to facilitate workshops. However, when Alex told us some time in November that we will have our first workshop in the school next week, I was sincerely surprised. I somehow did not expect that the day will come when I actually have to plan and facilitate a workshop myself. I felt terribly incapable of managing this task. My co-worker Deea -well aware of my thoughts- tried to improve my mood on the day before our first workshop by playing the song „Don’t worry, be happy” for me.
In my work I experience quite some challenges. It is difficult for me to get tasks, but no detailed instructions on how to approach this tasks, or in case of my personal project: not even getting a task, but having to choose my own project. I struggle with my expectations that reshape my tasks into even more complex goals. After doing a small step or even a bigger one, I don’t know whether I did things right or wrong. I have to manage time myself and even more challenging get control over my energy and motivation. But besides those challenges, I can see many possibilities in my work to learn about things that matter to me like human minds and personalities, I am very eager to find some more insight.
Another important part of my EVS are the moments, when everything is just about myself. There are for example the meetings with my mentor, in which we talk about, how I experience working and living in Romania, which help me to sort my experiences. In November my co-workers and I went on a teambuilding, which gave me a new perspective on myself and connected me stronger with my colleagues. There are moments when people just take their time, all theirconcentration and their empathy to listen to me and to help me. Those experiences are very valuable for me and I am thankful for each one. They helped me to see my mind and what is happening in there more clearly.
If someone asked me now on the spot “Are you happy?”, I would hesitate to say: “Yes, I am!” but on the other hand, I do not want this experience to end, because it is intense, full of opportunities and somewhere between the struggles and challenges I can feel personal growth. I think I have reached a point where I know what I want to do here and considering my time limitation of four remaining months, I will do my best to manage my time and put my ideas into practice.
Ooh, and yes… all in all I am happy. Sunt bine!


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