Peaceful green heart – E.V.S. Series


My name is Cécile.

I am one of the four volunteers in Minte Forte.

I always have with a black note book and a sketch book with a coloured pencil case with me. Having them it’s like constantly wearing an armour. I’m feeling powerful. Sometimes I feel sad, so I draw in my sketchbook why I’m having this emotion. Sometimes I’m feeling overwhelmed by emotions, so I write on my black notebook. I have the tendency to write when things are cool and to draw when things are not cool, but the contrary exist also. I have the fear to forget things in my life so I often document my life to not forget. And drawing and writing it’s like documenting.

So this are the things I wrote about the Cluj adventure.

The 31 of august 2017, I wrote:

“In less than a month, I’m going in Cluj. […] I wish that everything went well in Cluj. I wish to still feel good. I wish to love and be loved. I wish to love and live adventure until at list forever. Ps: I didn’t get my periods this month”.


The 28 of September 2017, I wrote:

“Tomorrow I’m leaving for Romania. I don’t feel excited, I have the pamphlet a little bit, but overall it’s okay. “


The 29 of October 2017, It was the first day of my 24 years of life, I wrote:

“Now I’m in Romania and I’m writing on the table of the kitchen. Zarja is sitting in front of me. And it’s my birthday too. My flat mates gave me a ukulele and I told everybody because it makes me feel good to share it. Because it’s so cool. […] I spent the night in the train because I was in Bucharest for the on arrival training. Everything’s okay in Romania. Sometimes I doubt and I’m searching my place. But overall it’s okay.”

The 27 of December 2018, I wrote:

“We are in the house of Ovidiu’s parents in Targu Mures. We it’s Christina, Jordan and Zarja.[…]
My intention for 2018 is to continue to make me feel god, to go to the joy, to choose the sun. My intention for 2018 is to accept myself. In my failings and to be okay with them. I wish to continue to make me feel good and be good. Otherwise I ate so much lately, I’m going to explode.

My Christmas 2017 was full of joy and positive people.

I sometimes feel alone with myself, as usual I will say. And at the same time, I judge less my pains and my difficulties. They exists and they cry next to my inner fire. “

The 30 of January 2018, I wrote:

“I have the rehearsal of my workshop at 6 p.m and I feel anxious. I’m not even sure if I finish to work on it. “

The 25 of February 2018, I wrote:

“I’m in the train for my mid-term training. Yesterday I did my workshop “ What is your Inner idiot like” and only 6 people came! Next time I’ll use a google doc or something like that… I’m going to Brasov. I have a headache. Landscapes are really wonderful. […] I’m putting mint essential oil on my temples to feel better. Olivier wrote me a cool mail. And the landscapes are still pretty cool too. Few weeks ago I felt that everything I was doing was meaningless. Then I played in a play and reconnected with my body and my sexuality ( but I think both are linked), et now I feel better. Stretching my body makes me feel good too. And it’s snowing a little bit too. It looks like glitters.”

So basically that’s it.

I’m doing this article, it’s the 9 of March. I have less than three months of project.

There is some end in the air. There is some spring in the air.

It’s a sunny day today.


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