ESC: Tuning Values and Goals Activity

Hello, dear people. Here is Gabi and Iulian.

During the last week, you maybe have followed us in our Tuning Values and Goals Activity, part of the Creative Hearts Healthy Minds Workshops. This iniciative happened in the context of the The Art of Mental Health ESC Project.

Well, if you haven’t, we want to share here all the material we produced and/or shared during the last days. Like this, you have the opportunity to participate in your own pace.

That was an interesting and new experience for us. We decided to try a different way of presenting materials that would be shared normally in a workshop face to face or in a online format. This idea came in one of the meetings between volunteers, while the group was looking for possible ways of dealing with dificulties generated from Covid restrictions, changes and, some times, lack of participants.

Here you can access the Google Drive file Tuning Values and Goals

where you will find:

Day 1: Our amazing experiment of an audio material, made with a lot of excitement! There we present the activity and we open the discussion about what values are, what core values are and how to know your core values can help you to make decisions that are more connected with you. Like this we hope you can improve your well-being and fullfilment in life.

Day 2: An introductory text about the next exercise, a list of values from where to base yourself, and an exercise that will help you to identify your own core values. This exercise will invite you to have a look in the values you identify in your family, society and people who you admire, finalizing with what are the values you would like to live by and the values you currently live by.

Day 3: An introductory text and two different worksheets on the topic of living your values. They will support you in the process of analizing how you have been balancing your life. Are you putting enough energy on what is important for you? Helping you to clarify whether or not you are living your core values and what adicional behaviors you might engage to be more aligned with them.

And here we have the materials for the 4th day

Day 4: Being two meditations, one of 5 minutes ( and other of 22 minutes ( The meditations will guide you in a less mental journey that will complement the process we did until here. With them you can connect deeply with your inside, and listen to the whisper of what you really value most inside you. And we suggest you to watch this TED talk ( with Adriana Girdler. The TED talk will bring you inspiration in finding goals that are autentcaly yours, being aligned with your core values.

We hope you can make good use of all this material.

Have a good journey!