ESC: April Experiences ✨

Hello dears, here we are Bea and Carmen again to tell you about our month of April in The Art of Mental Health Project ❤️. We can’t believe it’s already been 3 months in Cluj-Napoca!

The first week of April we had a longer weekend due to the Catholic Easter anddd we also had an exceptional day on Saturday in which we could be outside until 2 am! We took advantage of the situation and learned how to play Mafia game that night 😆.

This whole experience is a perfect occasion too for developing or enhancing new skills and hobbies, and Carmen and I, Bea, are taking advantage of it preparing delicious vegan meals in our day to day and more elaborated in special occasions such as birthdays or gatherings. We really enjoy cooking together, with some nice music and talks, experimenting news recipes and savouring the pleasure of a meal made with love.

What could be better than showing your care for someone by cooking?


Between the Catholic Easter on the 4th of April and the Orthodox Easter on the 2nd of May, the kids that we are working with in the schools are having holidays. For this reason, another plan jumped in our lives: a collaboration with the iziBAC community. This online community has offered us the opportunity to prepare a Quiz and some Webinars for whoever that wants to join, working with mental health topics together with artistic activities.

For the quiz, we are preparing questions related to interesting topics such as the impact of the design aspects in your perception and feelings, life satisfaction, choosing a career or negative emotion. And we have done three Webinars so far: “The power of the colour in your environment” about the relations between design, colour, perception, choices and communication; “Lovely Love” about love from a science perspective, talking about values and dancing activities; and “Prescription for loving yourself” about the importance of loving yourself.

In all these workshops we give some inputs and information that we combine with creative exercises. And we will have more this week and in May! Sooo looking forward to it 😊


And last but not least, we arrive at the end of April. Last week was celebrated The Mental Health Week, in which Gabriela and Ioana, a local volunteer, facilitated an online workshop about corporal expression, movement and negative emotions. It was a week full of interesting activities around the mental health topic through art.

That’s all for now! We have in mind other exciting activities for the next few weeks but you will have to wait a little more to know them 😉


Virtual kisses from Bea and Carmen ❤️