January ESC Experiences: goodbye ✨


We had our very first, and welcoming, Romanian Christmas, in Meseseni de Jos. Where people came, where singing, dancing, and asking aaaaall the time if you wanted palinca. Feeding us, like crazy, and making us want to stay forever in this cozy family. Then the last month of the year … Continue reading

December ESC Experience ✨


Hey there! Today Carmen and Bea are going to tell you about our exciting, wholesome and cozy December month. We started the month in Timisoara, travelling in a cold but christmas atmosphere and discovering that beautiful city that we wanted to visit since the beginning of the year. We (Gabi, … Continue reading

ESC: Tuning Values and Goals Activity


Hello, dear people. Here is Gabi and Iulian. During the last week, you maybe have followed us in our Tuning Values and Goals Activity, part of the Creative Hearts Healthy Minds Workshops. This iniciative happened in the context of the The Art of Mental Health ESC Project. Well, if you … Continue reading

ESC: November Experiences


Hello dear people!  This month we are back to tell you about our adventures. With you are Tero and Kitty and we will try our best to explain everything that has happened. The atmosphere between us volunteers is getting wintery with the season. With more grounded energy and feeling of … Continue reading

ESC: October Experiences


Gabriela and Garance talking to you, wonderful people, today.   October was a beautiful fall month with big changes and some lovely moments in our project. First of all, we started the month with a new local volunteer joining the team, Edina, bringing some fresh motivation and energy for our … Continue reading

ESC: September Experiences


So, this month, many of the things that happened in the project have been already mentioned on our Facebook page and here in our Blog. But since we are so proud of it, we will still keep on talking about them!    First of all, we continued the activities with … Continue reading

ESC: Climbing camp with Minte Forte


Hello dear readers ! Garance here to tell you about our latest adventure : We have been really lucky recently with the possibility to facilitate a climbing camp ! The title might have give it away, but let me give more details ^^ At first we did it ourself as … Continue reading

ESC: August Experiences


Buna seara! Here is Carmen today to tell you a bit about our month of August in the project The Art of Mental Health and out of it as well 😜 We have been working during this month but also enjoying the summer in Cluj ❤️ To put things in … Continue reading

ESC: July Experiences


Salut dear readers! Here we are one more month the international team to update you about our activities and events. This time it’s Bea taking care of it 😉 July has been a wonderful month: a lot of events are happening in the city, sunny and warm long days, new … Continue reading

ESC: June Experiences


Hey you there ! Want to know how to cook Latvian (without hurting them) ? How to paint (without latvian this time) ? Learn a new langage (maybe latvian) ? Where to send kids this summer, yours or not ? Well keep reading then !   Kitty and Garance here … Continue reading

ESC: May Experiences


May started cheerfully with Orthodox Easter celebrations. For this longer weekend our international group headed outside Cluj-Napoca for the very first time. The destination for this adventure was romantic and cozy Sibiu. The morning started with rain and delay due to our intended train being full of travelers. Two hours … Continue reading

Mental Health Week – Integrating difficult experiences through body movement


On Saturday, our colleagues Gabriela D’angelis and Ioana Boldea facilitated a 3-hours workshop, guiding participants to move and interact with their bodies in ways that will support them to integrate difficult experiences.   They started by briefly sharing their vision on body movement and integration. They talked about how body-movement … Continue reading

ESC: April Experiences ✨


Hello dears, here we are Bea and Carmen again to tell you about our month of April in The Art of Mental Health Project ❤️. We can’t believe it’s already been 3 months in Cluj-Napoca! The first week of April we had a longer weekend due to the Catholic Easter … Continue reading

ESC: Being a volunteer in Minte Forte February-March


Hello everyone! Today we, Bea and Carmen, are going to take care of our first blog post for The Art of Mental Health Project. As it’s the first, we have a lot to talk about… but we will do our best to include all the meaningful experiences of these two … Continue reading

Săptămâna Sănătății Mintale – Uniți în incertitudine: Mobilizarea resurselor colective în situații de criză


A 5-a prelegere a Săptămânii Sănătății Mintale a fost susținută de către Lect. Univ. Dr. Anca Simionca pe tema schimbărilor sociale provocate de pandemie.   În prezentare, Anca ne-a vorbit despre două mari aspecte ale pandemiei, care ne preocupă din perspectiva socială: modul în care pandemia ne-a afectat diferit în funcție … Continue reading

Săptămâna Sănătății Mintale – Pe gaura cheii la psiholog


Marți seara, în 20 aprilie, la ora 18, a avut loc evenimentul “Pe gaura cheii la psiholog”, găzduit de către colega noastră Melania Moldovan. Evenimentul a inclus trei simulări, susținute de psihologi din echipa Centrului Minții: O sesiune de terapie online, susținută de Ramona Ghimpu. Aceasta a început cu o … Continue reading

Mental Health Week – A contemporary reflection on touch


  The live stream A contemporary reflection on touch took place on the fourth day of the Mental Health Week, 22nd of April. It counted with the presence of our Spanish guest Alba Raventos and it was hosted by Paula Nuțaș, one of our colleagues. It was one of the … Continue reading

Săptămâna Sănătății Mintale – Ghid practic: cum ne adaptăm la viața în pandemie


Prima prezentare din cadrul Săptămânii Sănătății Mintale a fost despre cum să ne adaptăm la schimbările produse în urma pandemiei. Evenimentul s-a numit „Ghid practic: cum ne adaptăm la viața în pandemie” și a fost susținut de către invitata noastră Diana Cândea Nechita, lector universitar, doctor în psihologie și psihoterapeut … Continue reading

Săptămâna Sănătății Mintale – Construind cu încredere: de la suferință la speranță


“Construind cu încredere: de la suferință la speranță” a fost cea de-a doua prezentare din cadrul Săptămânii Sănătății Mintale. Invitata noastră a fost Diana Vasile, doctor în psihologie și președinte al Institutului pentru Studiul și Tratamentul Traumei, psiholog specialist și psihoterapeut, iar gazda evenimentului a fost Ionescu Raluca, psihoterapeut și … Continue reading

Ce este abuzul emoțional?


Abuzul emoțional reprezintă orice formă de comportament prin care victima este batjocorită, criticată, insultată sau manipulată, în mod repetat. Acest tip de comportament poate fi întâlnit în orice tip de relație, fie aceasta o relație de prietenie, de familie sau relație intimă. Relațiile interpersonale sunt adesea dificile și necesită comunicare, … Continue reading

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