ESC: November Experiences

Hello dear people! 

This month we are back to tell you about our adventures. With you are Tero and Kitty and we will try our best to explain everything that has happened.

The atmosphere between us volunteers is getting wintery with the season. With more grounded energy and feeling of nostalgia. To this feeling also contributes that our project is slowly coming to the end. That means a lot of closing and a lot of “lasts”.

This month has been a bit more slow and steady also with work. The restrictions have fortunately eased again from October and we got back to facilitating in person – our comfort zone. For all of us the workshop part of the project is more or less finished, only a couple of them left. 

Here is a picture from my (Tero) last community workshop about (re)connecting to our senses.

All November we have worked with adolescents at Clujul are Sufletul. That’s fully not true. We did have to take a break from that, because of the restrictions, but when we could, we were there! 

Here is a picture of sculpting activities facilitated by Garance and Tero.

In addition to workshops we have our own personal projects in process as well – Gabriela’s personal project having already been presented earlier. 

For this whole year I (Tero) have been working on a game project. It started as a personal interest towards board games and how it can bring connection between people. For my brother and myself playing games has always been a way to connect and spend quality time together. For a couple of years we have also designed some of our own without any actually good games in the end, but having had many hours of planning and brainstorming and challenging each other’s ideas just to have fun. Since I moved far from my brother I decided to make a game of my own that we can try out together. Luckily this time my game actually feels enjoyable to play. I have tried it out later with a couple of my friends, Garance and also our coordinator with lots of good and encouraging feedback. 

Here is a picture of playable version I (Tero) made for Jamboard

For long hard working months also my (Kitty) project is finally coming to life. 3 exciting workshops to challenge your debate and critical thinking skills. But, don’t worry, that  wouldn’t be me if I would leave it like that. That means, these workshops will be filled with art projects and interactive activities. If you are interested, you still can join through here: 

My (Kitty) wall of planning.

We will share more about the rest of the personal projects later on.

And another thing related to our work – we are making a video, well two of them. One about our personal experiences and one to share information about our vision of ESC, volunteering and this project. We have been working on the latter for now. We have divided the topics among us and taken artistic freedom to present the topics in our own styles. Lately we have gotten more into designing and even recording them. Here is little taste of what’s to come:

A frame from my (Kitty’s) work for the video.

Here is a sneak peek into my (Tero) part of the video.

And here is Bea working on her part of the video.

And that was more or less how we spent last month. There are still things here and there that we can talk about, such as travelling to Timisoara and Deva and other beautiful places in Romania, but this was the most important and interesting for you to know about us and our lives.

Warm hugs and kisses from both of us!