ESC: October Experiences

Gabriela and Garance talking to you, wonderful people, today.


October was a beautiful fall month with big changes and some lovely moments in our project. First of all, we started the month with a new local volunteer joining the team, Edina, bringing some fresh motivation and energy for our team. We kept doing brand new workshops for the community, some about art and perspective, emotions, sculpting, design, inner understanding, sleep improvement, balance and memories.

Recreational activities with Clujul Are Suflet stayed for a time, but became harder with the new regulations, and unfortunately they will be closed for a while. Safety first 🙂


Also, with the new regulations for the coming weeks, we will stop workshops, but will make new activities for Mental Health through Arts instead! We had a creative time thinking about solutions, and what came up is this: one by one activities, mentoring, outside gatherings, drink and talk in coffee places, creation of online materials like video and audio, and still, online workshops. We hope you can join us soon in some of these!


Life in Cluj is different for us now, but we try to make it beautiful with what we can. For example, we had a cozy Finish morning in Faget forest, where we tried sweet and salty porridge in the Finish style, some warm blackcurrant drink and enjoyed the company of each other by the fire. 

Like some of you might know, we also have a video project where we are going to create different videos for promoting the volunteering project, and give some more experimental or artistic content. We will keep this as a surprise for December, but we want to say that this month we started working hard for it 🙂 


And to finish the month, we organized a small gathering, with the international volunteers, to enjoy a little halloween between us. A bit of makeup, terrifying games, and some fun together.

We even created a playlist, with each one of us giving one song about each other, and here it is:

Hope you will like it and feel like sharing a bit of this adventure with us 😉

And take care, because those creatures are still around…