Soul Expression via Art – a journey of self-exploration


mai 18


03:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Organizația Minte Forte

Calea Dorobanților, nr. 74, ap. 71

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“With the drawing of this Love and the voice of this Calling
We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time
Through the unknown, unremembered gate…”

T.S. Elliot – “Little Guiding”

You are invited to go on a journey into the enigmatic realms of your self and it’s hidden parts. If you find yourself curious and called by the Mystery to let your wild Soul be free, expressed and explored by the forms of Arts, then this is the right place for you!

“Soul Expression via Art” /SEA/ is a program of 5 phases for self-exploration and expression with the support of different Art forms (Intuitive Drawings, Soul Poetry, Atuthentic Dance and Movement etc.) and Non-formal learning methods.

Intentions of the Program:
– to create a safe environment for an individual process of self-expressing and exploring in a group setting;
– to bring participants closer to their authenitc self;
– support the emanation of the soul’s invdividual nature;

As a journey The “Soul Expression via Art” SEA – the diving into the deep waters of the Soul, contains 5 following phases:
1. Affusion (23.03) – /affusio, meaning “to pour on”/ The moment before going into the water, when you pour water on your body in order for it to get used to the water’s temperature.
2. Immersion (06.04) – The action of diving in to the water.
3. Implosion (20.04) – An instance of something collapsing inwards – a situation in which something inwardly suddenly and completely changes, or the fact of this happening.
4. Effusion (04.05) – The external outburst of the change – a sudden and uncontrolled expression of strong emotion.
5. Emersion (18.05) – The process of emerging from the water after being submerged.

The program is appropriate for everyone above 18 years old and fluently speaking english.
As a process it is important to commit to participate in the whole 5 phases of the journey – The program lasts 2 months – from 23.03 and will be held every second Saturday from 15:00 to 18:00 until 18.05 – in total 5 times (you can also see the dates above).

There is no participation fee, however if you feel an urge, you are free to leave a donation for Minte Forte.

If you are willing to dive into the SEA journey, please fill in this registration form –

Maximum number of participant – 8. A confirmation e-mail will be send to the first 8 registered /who can participate for the whole 5 Phases/ no later than 17-th of March 2019.

Facilitatior: Konstantina Chelebieva – actress and trainer, currently an EVS Volunteer in Minte Forte, coming from Bulgaria. Tina is exploring the depths of the Psyche using Arts, NFL and Indigenous Practices. The program “Soul Expression via Art” is part of this exploration and feels as a manifestation of her Soul and her Gifts.
She describes herselfs as:
“I am a projector of depths.
I try to organize environments
In which the frozen ones
Can reach their profound fire self.”

“The Soul cannot be lost in a literal sense because it is always present with us. However we do lose contact with its movements within our daily lives, and this loss of relationship results in bodily and mental illness, rigidification, the absence of passion, and
the estrangement from nature. It is the nature of soul to be lost to that aspect of mind that strives to control it. Mind has to dissolve, to let go of its control, in order to experience what is not itself. Soul is a
constant yet ephemeral motion that passes through us without containment. The loss of soul is a necessary element of our work, a
prerequisite, because its absence stimulates a longing for its return.
The experience of soul is a fleeting sensation of consciousness, and
never a permanent or fixed condition.”

Shaun MCniff – Art as Medicine

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