Simon: EVS for Mental Health

by Admin, 07/08/2015


My name is Simon, I’m 24 years old and I come from France. I’ve been in Romania for almost two months now, working with the Minte Forte organization. I’m currently involved in a project called “EVS for Mental Health”. For this project I work with another French girl, Cassy.

In June, I was involved in the organizing of a Minte Forte event, called “Parcul cu suflet”. It was a very interesting event where the people present had the chance to talk with professionals about different topics, such as: sports, nutrition, sleep, bad and/or healthy habits or social relationships.

Last month I went to Sinaia, a wonderful Romanian city, in order to attend “ON-Arrival”, the training for all the EVS volunteers in Romania. It was really nice because I had the chance of meeting new people and making new friends from a lot of countries. I learnt practical information about my EVS and also about how to build up my personal project. I also discovered a bit more of the Romanian culture.

Since my arrival to Minte Forte, I helped organize activities with brilliant children from a psychiatric hospital and I also started learning Romanian. I find that learning the language is important in order to communicate better with those around me!

See you for new adventures!