EVS Series Part 1 – StArt with Your Mind

It has been three months now since we stumbled – one by one- into our cosy apartment in Manastur, Cluj-Napoca. An apartment where cakes are baked, exhausted volunteers do rest and a discovery of life takes place. How unexpected different can life suddenly be like when new experiences and honest exchanges with people stir your mind.

Part of the project are four international EVS volunteers –Zarja, Cecile, Christina and Pepe- and four local volunteers –Alma, Andreea, Ecaterina and Ovidiu- from Minte Forte. The project seeks to promote personal development and provides the participants with resources to improve their mental health, using art as a medium as well as non-formal education methods.

After many trainings and weeks of preparation in October, last November we finally began the first stage of our project: facilitating workshops at a local school for children. After this phase we will work with adolescents and then in the final two months with adults.

There are still five more months to go and a lot things to discover. In the next article you will read more on our insight into our working processes and the first phase of the project: holding workshops at Horea School for children aged 12 to 13 years.

Stay tuned!

Sărbători fericite!