It seems that for us every month is about new beginnings. In February we started with the second part of activities of the project – workshops for the Technological School, art activities in the Rehabilitation Hospital and in addition an Image Theater group in the School (for Tina) and activities for the Nurses from the Hospital (for Baru).

In first days of February Tina made her workshop for the Community of Minte Forte and it grow into be her Personal Project – “Soul Expression via Art” – a journey of self-exploration, by the end of the month she made a Rehearsal with the Community of Minte Forte and announced the program on FB – https://www.facebook.com/events/2090751881004094/


In February we had a good reason to celebrate – it was Gloria’s Birthday on 08.02 – it started with a dinner in our flat – a gift from Baru and continued in an amazing event with Afroelectronic Music.


February was also a month full of fun, new discoveries, travels and events: Joana and Gloria participated in a Ceramic painting workshop and made for themselves 2 cups. They also went on an event: “How to travel a lot with little” – so they traveled to Arad and Timisoara with other EVS Volunteers, then Gloria went on another trip to Serbia, while Baru enjoyed a classical concert.

There were also many meetings with friends and Board Games, Slacklining, Romanian Improv show, Italian-Spanish Language exchange events…

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