January ESC Experiences: goodbye ✨

We had our very first, and welcoming, Romanian Christmas, in Meseseni de Jos. Where people came, where singing, dancing, and asking aaaaall the time if you wanted palinca. Feeding us, like crazy, and making us want to stay forever in this cozy family.

Then the last month of the year started, for us, with New Year’s Eve. Most of us went to Sibiu again, one last time 😢 , to share a Romanian New Year. We danced all the time, some went to a concert of Sub Carpati, others broke a bottle in the street at midnight, and some… the next morning, discovered with headaches a compilation of pictures and memories.

We, the ones writing, were clearly not involved in any way.


Back to work, one week later we had the ‘’Minte Forte Exposition’’. Personal projects are also part of our life in this project, and one of them was an exhibition about Minte Forte created by Garance which happened at the beginning of the month. There we had activities, workshops, videos projection, pictures, snacks, drinks and us to share the moment. The personal projects of each of us were also beautifully presented there and you can find most of them on this Google Drive link: Minte Forte Exposition

And here you can go with us for a small tour of the exposition 😉 

Beside this, the last months we worked together to create a video about what it is like to be a volunteer in ESC. Taking exemple on our journey, we want to promote and invite you to maybe join the volunteering adventure. Reaching out to other people who might not know yet about the ESC Volunteering opportunities, and for that we are also going to share this experience in our own countries. For us it was for sure a growing experience. Here we had support for discovering a new country and how is the context of an NGO in Romania. You can make your own in any European country. You can check here the video we created: 

It was also at some point, Beatriz’s birthday. Carmen planned a big surprise that worked pretty well, a wonderful vegan cake, and a lot of us could join. It lasted long enough for us to share, talk, dance, and draw on a shirt for her to keep memories away.

And right after it, the next day, after a short morning of rest, our Farewell Party. More chill, less people, some games and talk. 


Well, this is our last month, and we have a big collection of memories in this amazing country and project. Now we are cherishing the memories of when we met for the first time and started all this. A lot is happening in this last moment, since we have to solve traveling things and bring closure to our life here. We have been reflecting about the whole year and trying to share moments together hoping they will not be the last ones.  We exchanged about what all it meant for us, through pictures, and filmed it to share it with you:


Now we have to conclude this post, say goodbye a last time, hoping to see you again soon. It’s not fully finished yet for us, we are going to a team breaker, to conclude it all together, with the local volunteers and mentors.

So we want to thank you for joining us on this little trip, maybe encourage you to try one yourself, and to  thank our local volunteers, mentors, facilitators, everyone who joined us this year and Mada of course, for being there all along with us.

Love from us, 

Gabriela & Garance