Remember, remember the gifts of December…

by Admin, 20/01/2019

12. 2018

.. not only those under the Christmas tree 🙂

Actually the month brought to us so other precious gifts to remember. The magical snowflakes all around Cluj and the forests nearby, the warmth and the coziness in the hearts, the cheerful and festive spirit in the city and the beautiful sound of the slowly reaching brand new beginnings are part of the table of contents that is stuck on the colorful December’s Gifts Sack.

Now I will try to open it for you in the following lines, so you can understand more what 4 girls doing their EVS in Cluj received in the past month.


The extraordinary in the ordinary

Apart from our regular activities in our weekly schedule (language course, workshops, planning and research etc.), during this month we had also some other interesting project activities:

“Training Of Trainers Vol.2” – In the middle of the month a special edition of this training was hold for Joana and Andrea, who couldn’t attend to the original one. The training was open for everyone else from the team who wants to repeat and exercise;












“Inspired by Baru” – After her lovely “Voice/ Vibration/ Music” workshop last month, she got invited to implement similar one for the Improvisation theater group in Education Studio. The aim of this workshop was to make the participants aware of their breath while using the voice, and also to discover their own voice and what it can offer them.

Liya’s Workshop – Authentic Movement – In December I managed to share my dancing passion with the team. The workshop was about self-expression through authentic movement or said in other words: introducing of a personal development approach based on dancing that allowed each to have a sacred process in their own deep realms. No photos managed to immortalize the experience, because of its delicacy.


Christmas vibe… Obviously!

Here is how we managed to synchronize with this spirit of December, full of red-green-golden colors, warm lights, cinnamon flavor and love in the air:

Christmas Decoration – Not only the flat was decorated in an original way, but also we spread this creativity and Christmas vibe to the kids in AKSZA – we draw together and did some crafts.












“Falling angels” – I’ve heard it was a great fun to do ice skating 🙂








“Under the Christmas Tree” – Yes, gifts that we just couldn’t skip. We went to explore the Christmas market and the second-hand market for buying gifts for our Secret Santa’s buddies, some bought for their families back home, other did the presents on their own and third bought some things for themselves.










Travelling hearts – Gloria did a small trip to Budapest, Baru explored the forest, Joana and Gloria went to a Team building of the group of Improvisation theatre that they are joining every Thursday while I was packing and preparing for a longer traveling that I will tell you more about in the next chapter;











Christmas gathering – In one of the last days before the holiday the whole organization Minte Forte gathered to celebrate together. We were also there and enjoyed the Secret Santa Game and the meeting with the other members of the organization – so many special conversations, gifts and moments…



















Preparation for the Christmas Holidays  – At 22.12 our holidays officially started. Some of us returned to their countries and homes, and others took the advantage of these holidays to meet with people and travel.


Smells of new beginning

Yes, December was where we were enjoying a more silent and peaceful time and where each of us saw in a different way her own line drawn between an ending and a new beginning.

“My last month, weeks, days, hours” – Yes, right. December was my last month in this project and 21st – the last day. After that my road took another direction and I returned back to Bulgaria, following my deep calling that I managed to hear thanks to my participation in this project and this 3-months-stay in Cluj Napoca. In these last days and hours I managed to have last meetings with the dear people from the community and the team and also we gathered with the girls for a last time and had pleasant time together.

“Knock, knock… A new Mind Artist is coming” – It really smells of something new and fresh, when knowing that the New Year is going to bring to the project a new volunteer from Bulgaria. Her name is Tina – a colleague of mine from Learning for Change Foundation and a dear friend. Actually Tina visited Cluj earlier in December for another reason, still without realizing that she will return back very soon to take part in the project.











So for this December full of magical colors, warm lights, falling stars, happy faces, fire in the hands and gifts in the hearts, I want to say a big Thank you!

And thank you for reading! Hope you took something precious for yourself too and carry it in your heart until you need it! Have a great new year!