ESC: June Experiences

Hey you there !

Want to know how to cook Latvian (without hurting them) ? How to paint (without latvian this time) ? Learn a new langage (maybe latvian) ? Where to send kids this summer, yours or not ? Well keep reading then !


Kitty and Garance here to make a little debriefing of our month in Cluj Napoca.

We had our last workshop with schools (middle and high school) and after saying goodbye one last time… We get back to them ! To invite them to a climbing camp with us, we will have two group of youth and one of adults (there is still a few days to join !).

As you already saw in our facebook post, we had a nice time with Pahumi, the kids and a wonderful submarine. Little note to say the place is incredible, and we are jealous of not having such a nice place as kids. We keep the collaboration going and are planning a new adventure soon, bigger, with a theater 😉

Noi suntem fericit ! Yes, we can use google translate now ! After a few months of intensive training, we can do basic exchange, ask for food, direction, drink, groceries, and get confused when someone answer. A good start !

Now it’s over… we had the last exam, exchange, and we need to learn and walk on our own, like adult. Terrible.

But we have an opportunity ! We created a group of language exchanges, people teach us romanian, and we give our own language ! Or we try. It’s still possible to join if you want to learn Finnish or Latvian.


Our coordinator find someone willing to help us learn how to take pictures and create videos. Why ? Because it’s part of our project to create some video, for communication for Minte Forte (have you heard of them ? They are pretty cool and do a lot of free event), and it’s a bit for us too.

We also finished making art workshop for ourself and Minte Forte community, each one of us, volunteer, creating one for our coworkers. Really creative, interesting, cute and stressful.


You like mosquito and party ? Well we can’t have one without the other (if outside in a forest at night dancing around a fire). Guess what was the thematic ? Latvia ! A simple traditional latvian party in the nature where we where trying traditional dancing (I, Garance, almost died / I, Kitty, almost killed them :D). We cooked and ate food, dranked a bit and simply enjoyed sharing time and talk with people.

We will keep doing that kind of international night, the next being Brazilian night !

Have you heard about the night of the museum ? We did not, but we really enjoyed it ! Cluj has quite a lot to show and you should take some time to look around.

Speaking of night, Bogdan, you might have heard of him, organized a movie night, and really “Loving Vincent” is a movie we truly, deeply, recommand !


And that’s all for now ! Thank you for staying with us, we do hope to see you again soon


PS : Kitty take full responsibility of the bad jokes that I wanted to remove, I keep responsibily of the good ones.