When You Can’t Find The Sunshine; Be The Sunshine!


The firsts cold days of January we were spending Christmas in several ways… Baru and me (Joana) went home to spend nice time with their family and friends! So… you will ask; and for the others? For Gloria was quite different! She stayed the whole Christmas here in Romania, she met with other EVSers (from Cluj, but also with the EVSers that we met in On The Arrival in Bucuresti!).



And… we survive to the first days after holidays! And it was a good restart!

After welcoming Tina, we all adjusted together in our apartment; we settled in our respective rooms, finding the best arrangements of the furniture and decorating our spaces in some very nice and cozy personalized ways…

We started again with the language course, researching time and few meetings with different people of the project!



We started again our weekly activities at Aksza; dancing, playing, using our creativity and sharing great energy! And in the The End of January we also had our last workshop with them; everybody was processing this fact in their own way, but it touched all of us. To finish; we made a big pre-drew picture with an image of all of us playing together, and each one colored her/himself. We also kept together in an “Album de Desene” some draws of everybody of all the workshops and we gave it to them!

This experience was a mix of challenging and lovely time, we are happy to had this chance and met other realities;  it also has made us learn a lot!


About Horea, one group had their last two workshops with them, they had a lot of fun and even, some are planning to return in few months to see them again! The other group had only one workshop and in February they will have the last one to say goodbye, evaluate our Program and finish with good vibes!



On Saturday morning, we had my (Joana) first workshop; about a new way to show love towards ourselves, and especially to our bodies! We used body-painting and the participants painted their body and also to each other! It was a good experience and together we created a magic and lovely space! Finishing with receiving words of appreciation from others all over their skin!



This month we had our Photo Training, as you will see in the beautiful Gallery below – we’ve captured some interesting perspectives of what is to see in the city of Cluj-Napoca. We’ve learned not only how to make Photos using DSLR but also Why we tend to like the photos that we like, what emotions do they triger in us and what we tend to percieve as beauty?


In the beginning of January we had two community evenings, with the people from the Minte Forte community; sharing food, having deep conversations to know each other better and playing games, well… just a “few” rounds of Mafia;). It was really funny!

Finishing this month we had another community dinner, to spend some last time with Dumitrița and Ciocarlan (who are moving to Iceland) and wish them good luck and nice & lovely new experiences!


Gloria and I had our Final Improvshow, marking our successful graduation of the 10-th edition of ACTitudine Improvisation Workshops. For me, Impro it’s one of the nicest experiences that I had the chance to live here; we met a lot of new and cool people and I learn also a lot of things about me that I didn’t know before going out of my comfort zone.



At The End of the month, we were also happy to greet our first “family” visit! My cousin Helena arrived in the evening staying for 5 days.

We had a lot of fun all together. We walked through a city, seeing the beautiful view of Cluj from Citadel Hill and we also visited the Museum of Arts. Another day we also made a tour for the city, visiting the Botanic Garden, the center and some churches! It was really nice to share a little bit of my life here with her! Thank you Helen!!



After returning finally to our “normal routine”, some of us searched new things to discover    and explore; Gloria and  me (Joana) went to a Spanish & Italian  language exchange event; was great to meet new people, speak our mother tongue and connect with them!

Another day some of us also went out with the EVSers of another organization! It was cool to spend time with them and having the ”typical Friday night” at the Karaoke!!

On Saturday Gloria and me (Joana) (yes, again), went to an event organized by the Couch Surfing Community of Cluj! We shared a lot of laughs and experiences with new people and we can’t wait to meet them again!

One day we also met informally with the Impro people (both groups: Romanian and English group) and had a special evening playing Impro games and having fun with our company.